POOL PARTY Los Angeles in April 2019

Hello everyone! For months I have been saying that when I hit 2M subscribers on YouTube, I would do an underwater 10 Minute Photo Challenge in the Caribbean and invite one of you along as the timer. Well, we just hit 2M!! THANK YOU :)

I have received thousands of requests to participate. I never expected such enthusiasm. I started feeling like I wanted to include more people in the celebration, so I changed my plan! Rather than travel to a remote island and bring only one person to join us, I’ll throw an epic pool party in Los Angeles in April (date TBD), and invite 25 of you to celebrate with me!!

I will select one person from YouTube comments and fly them to LA to be the timer, and then I will invite an additional 25 fans to join the party (sorry, I can’t pay for everyone- you’ll have to get to LA on your own). There will be amazing dancers and social media stars there, we’ll have a taco truck, tennis, basketball, and an EPIC 10 Minute Underwater Photo Challenge. It’s going to be a blast!!!

Check back here for updates, and sign up for the chance to win an invite. Hope to see you there!!

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