Dancing skills are not required, but a love of coffee and a tolerance for all weather conditions are a definite plus!

My studio is in Washington Heights, NYC. My time is split between in studio portrait clients, on location corporate clients, on location dance photography, and weekly YouTube video shoots. On average, expect to be in the studio 2-3 days/week. This job is only for applicants above 21-years-old.

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The Studio Manager is a highly professional, self-motivated, enthusiastic, organized multi-tasker who likes a good challenge, lifelong learner and has a love for photography. She or he will be the backbone keeping our photography studio flowing by overseeing the studio facilities as well as handling all post-production work. The Studio Manager is a natural problem-solver who is ready to assist with every need that may arise. Trust is key to this role.

As Studio Manager, you are acting as the face of the studio, you will be the first person to open the studio in the morning and the person that greets our clients at the door. It’s important that you act in a courteous and professional manner to everyone. A photography background and photo editing/retouching experience is highly encouraged. Familiarity with YouTube administration is also quite helpful.


• As Studio Manager it is your job to run a tight ship, keep the studio clean, organized and running efficiently. Proximity to northern Manhattan is a plus.

• As the face of the studio, you will buzz in all visitors, greet and welcome visitors at the door

• Engage with clients in a professional and courteous manner, offering them water/coffee/snacks

• Be point of contact with building superintendent to coordinate any studio issues

• Ensure office is stocked with general studio supplies & order when necessary (light bulbs, toilet paper, paper towels, snacks, cleaning supplies, etc.)

• Ensure office is stocked with all work supplies & order when necessary (external hard drives, printer paper and ink, other misc. tools)

• Ensure stock and organization of all photography-related supplies in studio, order new when needed (memory cards, reflectors, diffusers, lighting kits)

• Ensure that trash and dishes are attended to daily

• Be point of contact with our cleaning service

• Every few months do a full studio clean up, get rid of excess stuff, reorganize space as needed

• Provide general support where possible including but not limited to dropping off/picking up camera equipment to be cleaned or repaired, running errands, etc.

• Troubleshooting. Assist with fixing any camera/lens/equipment issues that may arise

• Handle replacement requests of defective photo equipment (memory cards, etc) as needed

• Ensure website copy and images relevant and up to date, update as needed

• Responsible for reconciliation of monthly petty cash log

• Deposit client checks at bank weekly

• Ensure that any mail that comes in to studio is forwarded along to proper contact

• Street parking car(s) daily or as needed - valid driver’s license required


• At times you’ll be involved in the photoshoot from start to finish, helping to select clothing and styling options with team based on client’s needs

• Photoshoot assistance - assist with lighting, occasionally styling and light hair+makeup on photoshoots, both in studio and on-location (in NYC)

• Help with location scouting and ideas for shoots both here in NYC and other locations across US and abroad


• Respond to client emails in a timely, courteous and professional manner, thoughtfully answering all their questions and complaints, ensuring that they always feel heard and valued

• Your the post-shoot point of contact for all corporate shoots, correspond with and ensure all needs are met

• Keep track of corporate client shoot logistics/details and keep everyone informed for future shoots

• Receive and record client payment transactions

• Answer client telephone calls as needed


• Keep organized log of post-shoot process

• Ensure that all photos are backed up properly on daily basis (very important!)

• Responsible for photo editing and timely delivery of client photos

• Photo retouching for all in-house retouching orders (lifestyle, dance, and headshot


• Handle client print orders large and small

Other than all that, there’s nothing to do :) If you’re interested, please email a cover letter and resume ASAP to This position will be filled quickly.

Please don’t send a generic cover letter- I want to know why you’d like to work with me specifically, and what makes you the perfect choice (bonus point if you can find the grammatical error above). I will contact several applicants for an in-person meeting next week. Salary based on experience.